Clothing haul!

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Ah, I haven't blogged in forever. I'm so sorry!
But yesterday was my last day of school! In a backwards fashion I went shopping yesterday. Usually I go shopping before school, or at least whenever there is school afterwards for my to shop, but my sister came home and we always go shopping with her so I guess this is a summer haul.
First up we went to Ross and I found a few really cute things.
I first found a pair of white shorts, but I already wore them and they are in the wash.
The next thing, the picture does it absolutely no justice. It's pretty much one of those sheer tanktops, but this one is navy blue with white polka dots. It has a collar, buttons all the way down, and it ties at the bottom.
 When we were at Ross, my mom actually saw these shorts and made me try it on. It looks a little bit crazy, but this shirt would be a statement piece. It's a zebra racerback with ruffles and black lace. It's a bit crazy for me, but it's cute.
 The last thing I picked up at Ross where these white sandals, which my sister actually also got. Call me crazy, but I don't have any sandals, at all, excluding flip-flops. These are really cute and extremely comfortable.
 Then we went to the mall and we went to Burlington Coat Factory. I feel like it's not as well known as Ross or TJMaxx but it's the same principle. Discounted clothing.
The first shirt is very summery. The stripes are more coral in person, but I think it's very flattering. The vertical strips down the sides break up the normally widening horizontal stripes.
 This next shirt is very lazy, casual, and tent-like. When I tried it on, my sister hated it, but it was only $4 and perfect for this lazy summer days. It's just sheer, white, lacy on the top, and with a high-low hemline.
 The last thing I picked up at Burlington Coat Factory was something I've been looking for for a long time. If you watch Youtube beauty videos you probably have seen the Rebecca Minkoff Mini Mac in bright colors. It's adorable but I do not have the money to buy one, so I was looking for a cute bright colored-bag that was big enough to carry the basics and cross-body. I wanted it for summer when hanging out with friends, because I remember last summer, I ended up leaving my purse in a store and that is just no fun.
 My sister absolutely loves layering tank tops and we went into every store in the mall looking for some bright tank tops that were lacy. My personal favorite tank tops are from Charlotte Russe so when I saw this bright light green and teal in my size it was pretty exciting. They were on sale for $5.
 The last store at the mall was Rack Room Shoes where I picked up another pair of sandals from the brand xappeal. These are silver with flowers and really cute. They also had them in gold and black. I ended up getting an entire size smaller than usual, because they didn't have half sizes and the eight was just way too big.

Then we went to Kohl's and I picked up three tops. The first one is a very casual teal short with yellow, purple, and navy stripes. This runs small, so try on a size larger.

This next shirt is showing up a little bit mint, but it is actually a true lime green. It is just a big "tent" shirt with a cinched bottom. It has little holes throughout it. I am planning on wearing this with a bright colored tank top (like the bright teal) under this shirt.

 The last thing is one of my favorites. This piece can easily transition from summer to winter. It's pink with purple stripes, outlined in hot pink. It has the "butterfly" sleeves.
So that's my clothing haul! I hope you enjoyed. (: