Bangs for your face shape?

Saturday, January 28, 2012

I recently got bangs and I made sure I did my research to find the perfect bangs for me. I really like how they turned out!
Before you cut your bangs, you need to think about a few things:
  • how much time do you have to style them in the morning
  • what is your face shape
  • the thickness of your hair
  • the versatility/practicality of the haircut
We'll leave the styling for last and start with your face shape. To find your face shape, there are multiple ways. First off, you can take a picture with your hair away from your face and compare to a face chart. Or you can stand in front of a mirror, and outline your reflection with lipstick and compare to a face chart.
(credit to:

Or you can use your specific facial features.
Round: Your face is as long as it is wide. Your forehead, jawline, and cheek bones, are relatively the same width.
Oval: Your face is longer than it is wide. Your forehead, jawline, and cheek bones are relatively the same width.
Rectangle:  You face is longer than it is wide. Your hairline and jawline are well defined and about the same width,
Square: You face is as long as it is wide. Your hairline and jawline are well defined and about the same width.
Heart: Your face is longer than it is wide. Your forehead is wide and your chin is thinner, and well defined/pointed.
Triangle: Your face is about the same length as it is wide. Your forehead is thinner and your jaw line is wide.

You may not have a face shape exactly as listed above, but you need to choose the face shape that you think best matches your characteristics.

Based on your face shape, what bangs should you get?

Oval: People with oval faces, can wear most types of bangs. From long side-swept, to straight across blunt bangs, to wispy. Bangs on oval face shapes from long, to side-swept, to blunt. (credited to

Round face: If you have a round face, blunt bangs can emphasize the roundness of your face. Stick to side-swept bangs, but if your going to do the blunt bang, make sure they touch the brow.

 (credited to

Rectangle faces and Square Faces: For both of these face shapes, medium-long (grazing the brow) side-swept bangs, that are a little choppy, are your best pet. You should avoid blunt bangs, especially if you have a square face shape.

 (credited to

Heart shape: Just like the oval face shape, most bangs will look good. The bangs that don't look good? The non-existent bangs. Some people with heart-shaped faces, say no to bangs as they think it will draw attention to their wide forehead. Wrong! It will do the opposite. My personal favorite are wispy, front bangs such as this first picture.

(credited to:

All right, so moving on to the next category, which is thickness of hair. If you have very fine hair, blunt bangs probably won't work for you. You can still have front bangs, they will just be more wispy. If you have thick hair and you want side bangs, make sure you don't cut too much. Leave more of your hair for the overall length, because if your bangs are heavy, they will fall forward.

Now for the versatility/practicality. If you are a cheerleader or a dancer or a soccer player etc. you may need to consider the hairstyle for practices/games/competitions. I know a friend, that they are not allowed to use an type of clips in their hair, so when she cut her bangs, they were constantly in her face. If you love to style your face, curling and straightening, etc, make sure the bangs will work for the different hairstyles before the cut. If you love messing with your hair, you don't want to be stuck with one hairstyle as your bangs grow out.

Now based on what you personally want to do with your bangs, the time it takes to get ready, just ask your stylist what they recommend, and also the products they recommend.

Hope you all enjoyed reading!

Essie Spring 2012 Collection

I have only tried 2 Essie nail polishes, but I have only recently got into nail polish, but if you read my blog, you would know no nail polish until my birthday, or until Project Pan is over.

None of the colors in the Essie 2012 Spring "Navigate Her" Collection are even tempting me to buy anything.

The colors are Navigate Her, A Crewed Interest, To Buy or Not to Buy, Tour de Finance, OlĂ© Caliente, and Orange It’s Obvious.

If I was to pick up any of them, it would probably be A Crewed Interest (although I wouldn't be willing to buy it without research as the darker shades I have from Essie are sheer), and Ole Caliente.

What do you think about Essie? Plan on picking up any of these nail polishes?

Beauty Tips #4

1. If you are running out of time in the morning and you realize your nail polish is chipping, its quite easy to touch it up. Take your nail polish, and take off most of the product leaving just a little. Place it right where the nail polish chipped, but do not drag it. Just place it, and then pick up your brush. Then in a few seconds you can smooth out the edges with the brush. If you just brush it like you normally would, the color won't be as concentrated and won't cover up the chip completely.

2. Before you give up on a mascara, make sure you apply ussing the most basic ways:
  • start at the base of your lashes and wiggle it all the way up to the tips
  • place at the base and sweep up once towards your tips
  • apply from the tops of your lashes as opposed to from the bottom
  • applying several coats
3. If false lashs are too dramatic for you, try demi lashes, or lashes that just go on the outer half of your eyes, They elongate the eyes, sort of like the Falsies Flared Mascara was supposed to do.

4. If you have small eyes do not line from the tear duct to the outer edge. Try to only line the outer half of the eye, or else your eye will look even smaller.

5. I know your perfume bottles look really cute on your vanity, but the sunlight actually damages the pefume. The rays will cause the fragrance to fade much quicker. Keep it away from the sunlight in a dark drawer. This will give you an excuse to buy more perfumes as they won't go bad as quickly. (:

The Quiet Place Project

I decided I needed a little bit of a break from the traditional beauty post, to talk about a topic that is very important to me.
The society that I am currently growing up in, is very technology oriented. But I feel like all the Facebook and Twitter and other websites like that are actually degrading on teenagers world wide. I know what it feels like to be the girl, that whenever I post a new picture, nobody comments, then another girl posts a picture, and everybody comments with "You're so gorgeous!". It makes me feel terrible and I know that it makes other people feel just as bad.
The quiet place project, is a project devoted to taking you away from all the notifications, and bring you to a place of peace. A place where nothing, not your cell phone, or facebook, takes the quiet away. A place where it is just you, and the calming music.
I highly recommend that you go to this link, right away, and take a break. A well-deserved break. Any time you are feeling stressed, whether it has somehting to do with your notifications, or just other parts of life, go to this website it really helps.

I hope you don't mind the absense of fashion/makeup/clothing, but remember the most important part of beauty, is a smile.
Keep smiling gorgeous girls. Don't let anybody bring you down. (:

Animal Prints?

Animal prints are super classy, yet sometimes hard for younger girls to wear. Here are some affordable, and cute, options from Forever 21.

1.  This leopard print skirt, is absolutely adorable. In a bodycon style, the skirt is available in grey/pink(pictured below) and black/white. The print is smaller than most leopard print and isn't too overpowering.

2. This next skirt, is a fun alternative to the traditional animal print. The fun coral and black print can easily be created into an outfit, with a simple white top. It's not aging at all, but instead very fun.

3. This dress is a classic black dress, but the leapord belt gives it a "wild accent". This dress would work for just about any formal occasion.

 4.  This spaghetti-strap dress is composed of different types of animal print, such as cheetah and zebra. It brings a fun, youthful look to animal print. The fabric has a foil-type look which definitely gives it more pizzaz.

5. This dress is a grey and white bodycan dress. This dress is not quite appropriate for a family-gathering, but it's very cute!

6. This top is a burnout top. You could wear this over any bright color tank top you own for a youthful look, or put it on over white/black for a more classy look.

7. Leopard print can sometime be aging in its original colors. This black and white top is still classy, but the absence of brown makes it more universal. and youthful.

8. This tiger striped knit top is a really casual piece that can be paired with a fun colorful skirt or pair of shorts for a cute spring time look.

9. This adorable big cheetah print tank top, would look gorgeous with either a high waisted skirt (pictured below) or a pair of bright high-waisted shorts.

10. This piece is my absolute favorite in this whole post. The color combination is SO fun and perfect for pre-teens/teens. The exposed zipper on the back is just a fun extra!

11. Another shirt with a fun color, this hotpink(or the website says red) and black sequined shirt screams youthful. Nobody would look at you in this shirt and say, wow that's aging. It's flowly, which typically means it will flatter more figures.

12. This tunic is made of a grey and black. The contrast between the two colors is less than most patterns, so it is much less dramatic. Unlike most animal prints, this wouldn't have to be your focal point, making it more unviersal.

13.  This cardigan makes an adorable layering piece. Perfect for everyday, or for a special occasion.

14. This lace/sheer leopard print jacket is perfect for a casual/lazy day.

15. These hot pink leggings would be really cute underneath a black skirt. Keep the rest of your outfit simple, so you don't look too crazy.

 16. My favorite bottoms, would have to be these adorable cheetah print shorts. I am a huge fan of pieces that you can throw on, and you don't even need to think about jewelry, or anything like that. These shorts are statement pieces on their own. Choose a white/black shirt for a classy look, or brave a blue for a more fun look.

I hope you all enjoyed my post all about animal prints.
Hope you are all doing well!

Disclaimer: This post in not sponsered. I chose Forever21 because it can be ordered online, or in store, and is quite common and affordable.

NOTD: Essie's Dive Bar

Friday, January 27, 2012

One of my favorite new polishes is Essie's Dive Bar. Do any of you have that happy dance moment whenver one of your favorite guru's is wearing/bought a nail polish/beauty item that you have? Well Amarixe posted a NOTD with this color, and I realized I had yet to paint my nails with this color. So I went and did it! It's a gorgeous deep purple/blue duochrome color. It looks mainly black, but in the light flashes blue and purple. It was rather hard to photograph, but I did my best.


2012 Spring Fashion Trends

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Hey guys! So today I did some research on the up and coming 2012 spring trends.

1. Black and White looks totally stylish. Especially with bold coloblock type designs.
Get the look from Forever 21: This white dress with black on the outside slims your body.

2. Lace! I personally love lace, and white lace is in.
Get the look from Forever21: This tank top is really adorable and is a less dramatic way to use lace.

3. Zig-zags.  I personally feel as if I do not pull off zig-zags but if you the confidence to, go for it!
Get the look from Forever 21: This neutral zigzag tunic, has a flattering neck line and a flowy bodice. Check it out!

4. One-Shoulder: One-shoulder dresses are my favorite. You don't have to worry about your dress falling down!
Get the look from Forever 21: There are actually a lot of one-shoulder dresses at Forever 21, and a lot are more like the pictures. This dress, is a more fun one-shoulder dress that I feel is more appropriate for younger girls.

There are definitely more trends out there, but these were some of my favorite that I found on fashionologie. Hope you are having an amazing day!

Disclaimer: This post is not sponsered. No pictures are my own and were either found on fashionolgie or Forever 21's website.

Favorite Products of All Time

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

So I lost the chord to upload pictures from my actual cameras so reviews and looks will have to wait. I haven't posted in a while, so I'm going to post my favorite products of all time!

1. Maybelline Expert Wear Eyeshadows in Sunbaked Neutrals.
These eyeshadows are absolutely amazing. These were one of the first eyeshadows I ever bought, and they remain my favorite. The very first color is perfect for all over the lid, then there is a matte brown that is perfect for in the crease for a daily look. Then a glittery orange and a green. Then the second row has a dark brown, bronze, white, and an olive green. The four neutral (champagne, matte brown, dark brown, and white) eyeshadows make up my everyday makeup. I The others (especially the bronze and olive) are really fun for more dramatic looks. I would recommend picking up the next time you're at a drugstore.
2. Elf Contouring Blush and Bronzing Powder
This compact is really amazing. The blush is a super gogreous peachy pink. It looks amazing with a few layers for a natural flush, or built up to a more dramatic cheek. I can see, that if you have a darker skin tone, it won't show up, as it is quite sheer and light colored in the first place. The bronzer seems to be really orange when swatched. It looks fine in the pan and on the skin it is less orange than on the swatch, but you have to keep it quite light. You don't want to look like an oompa loompa. I really love this blush though and the bronzer will work if needed.

3. Ulta Mineral Eyeliner in Blue-Grey and Black
The Ulta Minerals eyeliner, is the only eyeliner my sister and mom use. When I first started wearing makeup, my mom picked up a Blue-grey (her favorite) and a Black (sister's favorite) during one of Ulta's sales. I only started wearing pencil liner on a regular basis a few months ago, and these are my favorite. They are the perfect blend between creamy and solid and last a long time. They are $8 but can usually be found on some kind of BOGO Free.

4. Eco Tools Brushes
I have three different sets of ecotools brushes(the 6 piece eye, 6 piece traditional, and mineral). They are all so soft and such good quality. I haven't tried too many brushes, but these are amazing. It's always a bonus that they are cruelty free.

Now I know these favorites are really short, but I don't want to post every product I like and my collection is still growing. I also chose products that I have been using for more than a couple weeks (which I really love some of the products I recently bought) but I am waiting to include them until I use them so more.
Hope you are all having an amazing day!

Disclaimer: This post is not sponsered.

NOTD: Essie's Chinchilly

Saturday, January 21, 2012


So I haven't painted my nails in a few days, so today I wanted to paint my nails with this color that I haven't used before. I'm honestly slightly disappointed with this nail polish. It's Chinchillyby Essie and it's a really pretty taupe color. I was expecting it to be fully opaque in one coat. But after two coats, it wasn't totally opaque. I have Revlon nail polishes that have better opacity than this color, and this color is supposed to be famous. It's a pretty result, I was just expecting more.


Beauty Tips #3

1. To have your perfume/body spray lasting throughout the entire day, spray it in these key spots. Your wrists, back of your neck, and collarbone. Then whatever is left on the bottle, rub behind your ears.

2. If you have a concealer with a doe foot applicator, put the product onto your hand, and then put it under your eyes/blemishes with a concealer brush. Sometimes if you apply the concealer right to your face, it will end up looking cakey. Apply it in layers, slowly building up until you get the coverage you want. This will also keep your makeup more sanitary. Just make sure you sanitize your hands!

3. A lot of girls my age don't wear blush. Their eye makeup may be heavy and their foundation might be a little too much, but they never use blush! Blush adds color to your face and makes you look bright and happy! Not to mention alive(looking).

4. If you don't have a lot of time, skip the dramatic eye and go for a dramatic lip. A really gorgeous deep lip, is easier to do than a dramatic eye, and in a fraction of the time.

Project Pan

Hey guys!
So if you read my haul post, you know I'm going on a “Project Pan”.
If you don't know what a Project Pan is, it's when you stop buying makeup until you use up/hit pan on a certain amount of products. Usually its Project 10 Pan, but you can put any number in there, or make up your own set of I did.
So my project pan, really shouldn't be called Project Pan, because I basically made all of my own rules. Instead of creating a list of the products I want to use up, I am making a list of a category. Such as I need to hit pan on 1 blush. It doesn't have to be a specific blush, just a blush in general. Some products I need to hit pan (see some of the metal packaging at the bottom), and others I must finish completely. I am not allowed to buy makeup OR perfume/body spray/lotion type products OR nail polish. Also, if I completely finish a product that I only said I needed to hit pan on, I can take away another object.
Also, as I do not have a lot of makeup, once I use up a product, and I don't have any extra, I will be allowed to go out and buy the product, but only if I do not have another product that can replace it.
In addition, if I do not finish the project before August (which I most likely will not), I will allow myself to go out and treat myself with either a piece of makeup OR a body product OR a nail polish.. Just one, and after August, every six months I will allow myself to “splurge.” Until I am done with the project.
So now onto my list:
Hit Pan:
A Bronzer
A Blush
Lid Eyeshadow
Crease Eyeshadow
Highlight Eyeshadow

1 eyeliner
1 lipgloss
1 side of brow gel

Now you may be asking...what is the point if you don't even have a lot of makeup? I am still young, so I do not have a lot of money. I have found myself buying makeup instead of clothes, or other things and I already have makeup I haven't been using. Now, I may not end up finishing everything I want to before I stop. But it just matters how long it takes. I don't use a lot of makeup (like I don't layer on a bunch of blush) so if I finish most of it, but not my blush, I don't want to have to wait for another year to finish. I will try to have updates when it is interesting. (:
If you are also doing project pan, feel free to email me to have some support at

Rue 21, Forever 21, Wal-Mart, and Big Lots haul!


Hey guys! I truly have a shopping addiction. I have decided to put myself on a project pan after I looked at how much cash I had left...My next post will be about my own personal rules for project pan which starts right..Now.

So I went to Rue 21, and I picked up a perfume. Then I got a coupon, and went again today and picked up two more and a wallet. The perfumes are only $10 and really great quality. Here they are!

The first one is Rue 21 Black. It smells absolutely amazing. Since, like most people, I am terrible at describing scents I looked it up. Fragrantica says, " Rue21 Twentyone Black is a fragrance for the young and rebellious girls, launched in summer 2010. It opens with fresh notes of orange, dewy green tones and pineapple. The heart features lily of the valley and orange blossom, layered with creamy coconut, woody notes, musk and amber."
I mainly get the coconut and some orange and pineapple. To me, it smells really fruity and fresh. The kind of perfume I would wear everyday. Although it is young, it isn't "immature." 

The next one is Tarea. Let me just start with the bottle. It is super cute. I wouldn't mind having it on my vanity...if I didn't store my perfumes away from sunlight in a drawer of course. Fragrantica says: "The composition of floral – fruity aromas opens with notes of pomegranate, apple and pear. The heart is floral thanks to jasmine and peony, laid on the warm base of amber and blonde woods."
My unsophisticated nose just senses the floral sweet sent. I do love it though.


The last perfume I picked up is an actual Eau De Parfum, where as the other didn't mention whether they were Eau De Toilette or whatever else, but this one is stronger. Although I am no fan of the bottle, others might really enjoy it. Runway 21 is a limited edition perfume so I recommend checking it out. I couldn't find any notes for it, but the lady said it was strawberries and something else. It's a little deeper than the other scents. So imagine a musky strawberry...kinda.

The last thing I picked up at Rue 21 was this amazing wallet. It was on sale, and then on the 50% off rack. It was only $3 and super cute! I love it and is going to replace my old Claire's wallet that is falling apart.

Then I went to Wal-Mart and I was going to pick up the CG Aqua Smoothers compact but they only had the tan/dark shades so I went ahead and picked up the Dream Smooth Mousse foundation. It was really hard to tell what shade I was. Somebody opened one of the lightest foundations, and I swatched it (shhh) and it looked a lot darker in the packaging then it did swatched so I picked up Classic Ivory. I'm super pale, so I hope it works! It was $8.


So I have been using the Maybelline One By One Mascara, and I don't really like it. I love the brush, but the formula doesn't do much for my very small and sparse lashes. I saw the Loreal Voluminous Million Lashes, and the brush looked similar so I picked it up. It was a little pricy for drugstore mascaras, at $7 but it was the same as the One by One. I won't open it yet, until my One by One is unusable, but I wanted it for when that does happen.

I was running out of my shampoo and conditioner so I got the Garnier Fructis Daily Care. I haven't found a shampoo that I love. My hair isn't died, I don't have curly hair, it's already soft, and I just don't need any of those special benefits. I do wash my hair everyday, because otherwise it's super oily. My mom saw this and handed it to me. I don't know how good it will be, but I will let you know! They were each $3.

Big Lots is a discounted store for...well basically everything. Food, furniture, wrapping paper, nail polish, you name it. I bought this ELF 32 Eye Color Everyday Eye Edition for $4.50. The one on the website is the bright version, but you may be able to find this one at your Target. I've been trying them out and I really like it. Some of the shades have a lot of pigment (others have little to no pigment), and I love the fact that there are two rows of neutral shades, one of smokier shades, and one of colors. Some of them are a bit powdery (you can see a few have broken a little bit and I just pressed it down with my finger (the second to last one from the right corner on the bottom row, and the one about it, plus the maroon color.) Overall, they can work, and are super cheap.
Then I picked up these Revlon Colorstay Eyeshadows in Silver Fox. It was $3. I believe it was limited edition..but I'm not sure. The picture isn't very good quality, but the top color is a purple. Then a white, a teal-blue, and a grey. They are quite a bit chalky and have fall out, but I really like the white and the purple is really good as an eyeliner. I have yet to use the grey, but I did use the teal for a pop of color, and it has quite a lot of pigment, I just don't really like the fall out. Blue eyeshadow all over your face isn't cute.

The last thing I picked up, are these earrings from Forever 21. They were $1.50 and so cute. I love the jewelry at Forever 21 and could have bought the whole store...if I had the money.

I hope you enjoyed this haul! Please excuse the poor quality as I am using my phone for the pictures. When I do reviews/looks I will use a proper camera, it is just easier to upload from my phone.

Disclaimer: This post is not sponsored.