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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Hey! Since I don't have a lot of time to do reviews or tutorials right now, I decided to do a tag. This tag has been going around on Youtube so here goes:

1. What are some things you are looking forward to this season?
I'm really excited for the warmer weather since I hate the cold. I am also really excited for spring training for drill team that starts in a few weeks.

2. What are some nail polishes you reach for during spring?
I actually didn't wear nail polish as often last spring, but this year I really have been loving Sally Hansen's Extreme Wear Nail Color in Coral Reef, which is a gorgeous really bright coral. I also really like Revlon's Minted.

3. What are some fashion and beauty trends you are going to rock?
I'm not huge on trends, but I really love the lace trend for fashion as well as the "Sun-Kissed" cheeks for makeup trends. Bronzer is a definite must for me.

4. Favorite spring accesories?
My favorite spring accesory is a simple pair of pearl earrings. They are so classy and I really love the way the look all year, but especially in spring.

5. Favorite spring scents?
I absolutely love Bath and Body Works Be Enchanted. It's the perfect blend of fruity, floral, and sweet.
Notes according to fragrantica:
Top Notes: citrus, Iced Pomegranate, wildberries, passionfruit.
Heart: honeysuckle, floral frosted bouquet, sugared violet, dewfruit, Asian pear.
Base: vanilla, musk, sandalwood

I tag anybody that wants to do this tag in a blog post or in a video or even in a comment!


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