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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Hey guys!
So if you read my haul post, you know I'm going on a “Project Pan”.
If you don't know what a Project Pan is, it's when you stop buying makeup until you use up/hit pan on a certain amount of products. Usually its Project 10 Pan, but you can put any number in there, or make up your own set of I did.
So my project pan, really shouldn't be called Project Pan, because I basically made all of my own rules. Instead of creating a list of the products I want to use up, I am making a list of a category. Such as I need to hit pan on 1 blush. It doesn't have to be a specific blush, just a blush in general. Some products I need to hit pan (see some of the metal packaging at the bottom), and others I must finish completely. I am not allowed to buy makeup OR perfume/body spray/lotion type products OR nail polish. Also, if I completely finish a product that I only said I needed to hit pan on, I can take away another object.
Also, as I do not have a lot of makeup, once I use up a product, and I don't have any extra, I will be allowed to go out and buy the product, but only if I do not have another product that can replace it.
In addition, if I do not finish the project before August (which I most likely will not), I will allow myself to go out and treat myself with either a piece of makeup OR a body product OR a nail polish.. Just one, and after August, every six months I will allow myself to “splurge.” Until I am done with the project.
So now onto my list:
Hit Pan:
A Bronzer
A Blush
Lid Eyeshadow
Crease Eyeshadow
Highlight Eyeshadow

1 eyeliner
1 lipgloss
1 side of brow gel

Now you may be asking...what is the point if you don't even have a lot of makeup? I am still young, so I do not have a lot of money. I have found myself buying makeup instead of clothes, or other things and I already have makeup I haven't been using. Now, I may not end up finishing everything I want to before I stop. But it just matters how long it takes. I don't use a lot of makeup (like I don't layer on a bunch of blush) so if I finish most of it, but not my blush, I don't want to have to wait for another year to finish. I will try to have updates when it is interesting. (:
If you are also doing project pan, feel free to email me to have some support at


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