Beauty Tips #2

Friday, January 13, 2012

1. Although color is often feared for girls makeup, I love to wear color. The easiest way to use color is to use a dark colored eyeliner! Pick up a few of the Wet & Wild Color Icon Eyeliners, for $1. They have such amazing colors, such as a purple, navy, or even green.
2. If you're a young girl that is still in school, you may want to carry around a purse. But the hassle of constantly picking it up, and putting it down can be frustrating. I mean you don't want to lost your purse! Consider getting a cross-body purse. This hands free purse is perfect for school, hanging out in the mall, or anywhere else you could possibly lose your purse. A few really pretty ones:
3. Sometimes people think that filling in your eyebrows should just be for older ladies. If you're young, don't be afraid of fixing your brows! It can relly frame your face, just don't go too overboard.
4. If you're having trouble lining your upper lash line, trying lining with your pencil tilted sideways. So instead of using the point directly, put it on the side. It will make it a lot easier.

If I do end up buying some things tomorrow, I'll try to post a picture haul. :D


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