Top 11 Beauty Gurus of 2011

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Top 11 Beauty Guru's of 2011:

Hey guys! These are my favorite beauty guru's of 2011. If you don't know who beauty gurus are, they're people on youtube, who make beauty videos for beauty-obssesed (or not so beauty-obssesed) people to watch! I wanted to post this before it went too far into January. I tried to get a wide variety, from more famous names, to less. There isn't a particular order, so the first one isn't my favorite, I just compiled them while going through my subscriptions. I hope you find some new beauty gurus to subscribe to.

1. eleventhgorgeous: These two girls, are absolutely hilarious! They bring a lot of entertainment to the beauty world. They do many hauls, more reviews than most beauty gurus, and the occasional tutorial. I do wish they did more tutorials, but I love to watch all of their videos.
2. missglamorazzi: Ingrid has such a bubbly personality. Although she hasn't been doing very many beauty videos this year, she has been vlogging daily for a long time. Whenever she does do a video, their amazing. She has a great variety from favorites, to makeup tutorials, to nail tutorials, hauls, and OOTD.
3. AshleysBeautyCorner: Ashley has such a down to earth, very professional attitude. She uses a very wide range of different brands. Her tutorials are very in depth and very easy to follow.
4. CheckInTheMirror: Rachel is a skincare specialist and she has a huge variety of videos. I absolutely love her videos and she doesn't just focus just on makeup, but skincare and fashion.
5. xeverygirlx: This girl is so sweet. She has creative tutorials and she just has the most pleasant video making style. She has gone through a lot, but I'm so thankful that she is still here to show us all her talent.
6. freshblush: This girl has talent. She is young, but so mature. I can just see her becoming huge, just like megannheartsmakeup or juicystar07.
7. collegemakeupgirl: I only recently started watching her videos, but after the very first video I watched, I fell in love with her down-to-earth personality.
8. EgheartsSSC: A pretty big name on youtube, Erin hauls are so much fun to watch. Tutorials don't come too often, but her variety of videos (including some super sweet videos with her boyfriend Jordan) keep you interested.
9. Amarixe: Allison has a brilliant personality. The perfect blend between fun and professional amarixe is one of the beauty gurus name I search when I'm looking for an entertaining but informative video.
10. MarissaLace: Marissa is new to youtube, but already famous thanks to her connections with meghanrosette. Marissa is just so real. She doesn't seem stuck up but she isn't too crazy.
11. Smokeypinkleopard: Alexa has always been one of my favorite beauty gurus. The first person I ever subscribed too, Alexa's videos always put a smile on my face.


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