Choosing the Best Dress for Your Body Type: Part 2

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Welcome to part 2 of Choosing the Best Dress for your Body Shape.

The first body shape in this post is petite. I recommend going for a shorter dress as long, full dresses can overwhelm your small frame. Promgirl also recommends going for an asymmetrical hemline.

Asymetrical skirts can be rather scary, but this dress makes them look fun and flirty.

If you've been dreaming about that ballgown dress, but have realized it just doesn't work for you, look at this dress. Not overwhelming but still has that princess quality.

This dress has a fun loud pattern but won't leave you looking small. If you can own this dress, go for it!

Be careful about leaving your feathers on the dance floor in this dress. Now it doesn't have a crazy pattern like the last dress, but it surely is fun!

If your really not willing to give up that super glamorous dress, check out this one. The asymmetrical skirts is more sophisticated than the first one.

If you have an hourglass figure basically any dress will flatter you. Now whether you want to go for a dress that clearly showcases your curves, or a dress that is a little bit more daring, you will look fabulous!

You can definitely wear a simple classic silhouette, this dress also has a nice pattern to add to the simple dress.

This dress is really unique and is bound to show off your wild side.

If you really just want to show off those natural curves, this dress will hug you in all the right places.

This dress is probably my favorite short dress in this entire “series”. It's the perfect mix of glam and fun.

This dress is probably my favorite long dress in the entire “series”. It's really gorgeous; I love patterned ball gowns.

The final shape may be the hardest to dress, the apple. There are many different ways to dress this body types. Focus on emphasizing the best part of your body (typically the waist), and hiding the problem areas. If you have nice legs, show them off, if you don't try to conceal them.

The first dress is a short cheetah print dress that is really adorable. The higher waistline can really help to conceal your stomach.

This next dress enables you to have a super glamorous dress, while the empire waist line is very flattering.

This next dress is more casual, while still being very flattering. This dress would be appropriate for a nice dinner or even a date!

This bold dress is for an over-the-top girl.

Now I love fun dresses, and this dress is fun. If I was going to prom anytime soon, this just might have to have been my dress. It's very fun and loud.

I hope you guys enjoyed this little series and please leave requests down below!


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