Random Update?

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Hey guys!
I know I was absent for around a week, and I will try to not let that happen anymore. I have a fewquick things to say so here it is:
My project pan is getting pretty difficult. I have only hit pan on one product (the powder), and I'm getting pretty close on the bronzer(I'm starting to see rings). I don't know how quickly I can get it done, because there was a lot of stuff on my list. I may have to cancel it, but for now I'm trying to stick it out. It's a good learning experience.

I'm considering creating a youtube channel, which would probably reduce the amount of posts I can make. If it does end up happening, I would probably be limited to 1 post and 1 video per week. If you have any opinions on that please comment down below.

I really would love to get some requests for you guys, or feedback on which posts you like the best. I used to do a lot of Beauty Tips, and want to know if I should continue? Fashion? Reviews? Tutorials? Feel free to email me at soblushable@yahoo.com
If I do end up making a channel, any tutorials would probably be moved to there, leaving reviews and fashion things here.

I hope you are all having a wonderful day, and hope your week continues well.
- Marina


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