Getting Rid of a Sunburn

Saturday, March 31, 2012

The first time I was outside during this spring time, I got a sunburn. It wasn't a normal sunburn either. It was the tops of my feet, the backs of my leg, the side of one arm, and half my face. You couldn't have just burned me all over so it would be normal?
Anyways, that caused me to remember all my mom's secrets (and some help from the internet) so that I could get rid of it fast!
1.  Whenever you get home, take a cool shower. Some people think taking a hot shower will help., but it will just irritate the skin.
2. Once your skin feels cool and you're not in pain anymore, take a loofah or a body scrub and exfoliate  your skin. This step can hurt if your sunburn is bad, but you need to get rid of the dead skin.
3. Apply either gel straight from the aloe vera plant, or a gel that has aloe vera in it, and rub it into your skin. The fiorst layer you should rub till it is absorbed by your skin, but then apply a second, thick layer that you want to leave there.
4. Dress in loose clothing so you do not irritate the skin.
5. Drink lots of water. You can get dehydrated easily when you are sunburned.
6. If you go outside, make sure you wear sunscreen . You do not want to make the problem first.
7. Reapply the aloe vera gel every hour or so for the first few days. After that, use an aloe vera lotion till it is completely gone.
Also, even if you do not think you are sunburned, it is good to complete some of these steps (such as the cool shower and aloe vera gel) because a sunburn doesn't show up right away.
Hope you enjoyed.


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