Favorite Spring Nail Polishes!

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Hiya! These are all of my favorite spring nail polishes. These are not my own pictures, but I own ALL of these polishes in my collection.

1. Mint Green. I love mint green, especially on my toes, and mint green is a really popular color for spring time. This one is Revon's Minted. It is a little bit sheer, but I'm willing to work with it.
2. "Perriwinkle Shades." Perriwinkle mixes my two favorite colors effortlessly. The only perriwinkle type shade I have, is more of a dusty blue, but it still works for me. I might purchase a true perriwinkle shade, sometime, but not now. This is Ulta's Bam-Blue-Zled. It's gorgeous and again, it's a dusty blue with a hint of purple.

3. Pinky-Lavender. One of my favorite pink colors, is Lavender Marquis by Sally Hansen. It's a pink, with some purple, green, blue, and yellow duochrome. It's really cool, but it takes a few coats.
4. Nudes. I love shimmery-champagne colors during the spring, and one of my all-time favorite nail polishes is Revlon's Creme Brulee.

5. The last nail polish I've been loving is Sally Hansen's Coral Reef. It is a gorgeous bright coral color.


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