Review: Revlon Colorstay 16-hour Eyeshadows in Brazen

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Today's review is on the Revlon Colorstay 16 Hour Palette in Brazen. The colors are very pretty, neutral colors. I thought they were pretty unique, but as I was swatching them, and rearranging my makeup collection, I realized they are less-pigmented versions than the neutral side of Wet and Wild's Comfort Zone. I'm not at home right now, but I may compare them in a post soon. Anyways, this palette comes with a powdery yellow highlight, a sheer peach, a medium-bronze, and a dark brown. The shades really compliment blue eyes. All of the shades are pretty dry and to get good pigmentation you may have to dig a little bit more.
A lot of drugstore shadows do not last all day on my extremely oily eyes, even with a good primmer, but these last as long as I want them too.
The two biggest pans (peach and yellow) apply rather patchily, and you have to layer multiple times. Because of this, there is also some fallout, even though there is not a huge amount of shimmer. The darker shades perform a lot better, and both apply smoothly with minimal to no fallout.
The packaging is a lot better than the old Colorstay packaging. It feels fairly sturdy for a drugstore palette, and I like the fact that there is a different amount of each shade. The only problem is, that based on the face chart in the back, the lid color is the second to smallest shade. I personally use the peach as the lid shade usually, but if the bronze is supposed to be the lid, there should be more of it.
This palette is around $8 and I think that these are worth checking out, but this particular palette may not be the best buy. The colors are gorgeous, but there is a cheaper alternative that has 4 more shades, for a smaller price.


Product: 3.5/5
Pigmentation: 3.5/5
Texture: 3/5
Lasting power: 5/5
Application: 3.5/5
Packaging: 4/5
Overall: B
The pigment isn't the best for the two largest shades, but the others apply beautifully.


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