Beauty Tips #5: How to Make Your Eyes Look Bigger

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Hey sweethearts!
Wanna know how to make your eyes bigger? These quick and easy tricks anybody can do.

1. Make the majority of your eyeshadows matte, but then place a light shimmery color just in the center. Don't do too much as blending, as there should be a contrast from this shade and the rest of the lid,  but this will cause the center of the eye to look protruding, and bigger.

2. If you line your eye, do it strategically. The eyeliner should not go all the way into the tear duct, but rather towards the end of the colored part of your eye. Start thinning it out, once you reach the end closest to the outside of your face, and than contiue to thin it out until the end of the colored part of your eye closer to the nose. It should be thickest at the very very edge of your eye.

3. Don't wing out your eyeliner, if you want your eyes bigger. If you want to elongate your eyes, the wing can be effective.

4. Do not put eyeliner in your waterline. Instead, line your waterline with a white eyeliner, and then with a matte brown that is slightly darker than your skin tone, line your lash line for some added definition.

5. Highlight, highlight, highlight. Using a shimmery white eyeshadow in the inner corner nad brown bone will open up your eye, a lot. Even when I skip eyeshadow, I try to always have some highlight as it makes a world of difference.

6. Curl those lashes! I remember when I was getting ready one day, my friend said, "Why do you need to curl your lashes, nobody looks at your lashes?" and I was totally shocked. This step seems to be skipped, but I don't understand why. It takes seconds, and you can find eyelash curlers for a $1 (elf, I'm looking at you.) What's the point of putting on mascara if your lashes are just going to stick straight? Curling them makes them look a lot longer, fuller, and in my case, visible. If you don't need mascara, curl and then use a clear mascara to hold the curl.

7. Lengthening vs. Volumizing mascara:  If you want your eyes to look really big, use a lengthening mascara. I personally always use Volumizing as my lashes are quite long, with no volume. If I use lengthening, they look  unproportional, but if you have voluptious lashes, use a lengthening mascara. It will stretch your eyes out.

8. Make sure you use concealer. If you under eye circles, it can make your eyes seems sad, and happy eyes look the biggest.

Hope you enjoyed these tips! Do you guys like these tips (with a theme) or the ones totally random? Let me know!


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