Vera Bradley Tote: The Vera

Thursday, February 9, 2012

I don't know if the Vera Bradley trend has reached your area, or been gone for a while, but in my school, almost everyone has something from Vera Bradley. I will admit, at first I was not into the Vera Bradley trend, but this pattern totally got me hooked.
The color is baroque, a gorgeous black, white, and green pattern that if your not sold on flowers, will be right up your alley. I did hear it was going to be discontinued, but you can still get it online.
This is the only piece from Vera Bradley that I own, but I recently got a coupon thing, so I think I'm going to go out and get one of the Cosmetic bags.
If your not familiar with Vera Bradley, she is known for her quilted, fun-pattern, high-quality purses and accesories. The Vera Tote is the largest tote available, and great for school, work, or packing for overnight trips. For me personally, this would be much too large to use as a purse, but hey, if that's what works for you, go for it!
The next two pictures are the promo pictures from the website. I have terrible lighting, so I wanted to get pictures that showed the true coloring.

 The Vera tote has 2 pockets on the outside of the bag. One has a zipper. (pictured to the left).
 The inside of the bag, has six pockets. The bottom, is made out of a (sutrdy) cardboard insert which can easily be removed for washing (yes it is machine-washable), but provides a hard surface so it will stand up.
The tote closes with this little button type thing.I like it because it stops you from having that annoying zipper-sound in the middle of class, but if it rains...well not so good for the papers inside. Plus everybody can see what it inside.

I can do a what's in my school bag post, but for now I'll just say what fits in here:
  • 2 1 in. binders
  • 2 1 subject notebooks
  • 1 3 subject notebook
  • a composition notebook
  • an agenda
  • and 6 folders.
You could put more in here (and I have), but this amount leaves you to be able to still close it easily, and not be too stuffed. I also have my pencil bag in one of the larger interior pockets, and my marker/coored pencil bag in the other large interior pocket.
The only downside to the space, is that if you were to want to put in a cosmetic bag or something, it would have to be pretty small because it's not wide enough for it to fit comfortable on the side of your books, and you don't want it to bulge by placing it next to your books.

This tote costs $80 but it is fantastic quality. You can also get some sale patterns for $58.

If I do end up getting something else from Vera Bradley, I'll try to do a review, but for now, bye ladies!


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