CoverGirl Trio: Shimmering Sands 110

Saturday, February 11, 2012

This trio from CoverGirl is one of their more famous eyeshadow palettes. It retials for around $4 and comes with three, gorgeous, shimmery shades. This palette is really good quality for the price, and is quite pigmented.
The packaging is quite flimsy. The plastic top comes off quite easily, and the place where the sponge tip applicator takes up almost as much room as the actual eyeshadows. This palette might not be best for traveling but I still really enjoy it. Plus if it breaks, it's only $4.

 The first color is a shimmery medium-brown. This is the least pigmented and it takes a few layers to show up.
The next shade is a beautiful shimmery champoagne color. It is pretty pigmented, but does need a little bit of layering.
The last shade is a shimmer-cream highlight color which is absolutely gorgeous for inner corner and brown bone highlighting.
The darkest color does have the least amount of shimmer, but still enough to wear it is visible. It can be a little bit of shimmer overload, especially if your older. I feel as since I am a teenager, I can pull it off.

Here are some swatches from lightest color to darkest color. They are creamy and really easy to apply and blend.
This eyeshadows wear really well over a primer but a primer is needed.

Overall I think this is a really great palette if you are starting with makeup, but may not be necessary if you already have a lot of neutral eyeshadows.

Product: 4.5/5
Pigmentation: 4/5
Texture: 5/5
Lasting power: 4/5
Application: 5/5
Packaging: 3/5
Overal: B+
Really great for beginners, but not the best eyeshadows around.


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