NOTD/Nail Tutorial: Revlon's Really Rosy and Zoya's Pippa

Friday, February 24, 2012

Hey lovelies!
 I haven't been in to painting my nails for very long at while, but I have just recently starting doing simple "nail designs" (if you can call them that.) My favorite of which, the simple polka dots. Now I don't know about you, but I don't have the time everyday to paint every single nail and then put polka dots without them turning out horrible. So an accent finger is a wonderful way to that. Plus, using an accent figure can help you incorparte hard to wear colors easily.


Start with two coats of a rosy nail polish on all your fingers but the ring finger. This one's Really Rosey from  Revlon and it is one of my favorite colors. It works well for all seasons and is darker than your traditional pink but still very neutral.


On your ring finger, use two coats of your favorite pale yellow nail polish. This one is Pippa from Zoya. It is super impressive in the pigmentation and quality. This color can be a little bit hard to wear so I love incorpating it into different nail designs.

Use a bobby pink to put polka dots on top of the yellow. Use your rosey nail polish, as it ties the whole look together and makes the accent finger super cute.

Then your done!


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