DIY: Lip Scrub

Monday, February 20, 2012

Hello lovelies. Recently I was looking online for a DIY lip scrub. I realized half of them had Vaseline in it. That was a problem for me, why? Vaseline isn't edible. Now I'm not saying I eat my lip scrub (well, maybe a little), but anything that is going on my lips that I need to scrub, is going to get a little e in my mouth. I do not want to swallow Vaseline. So, I took out that ingredient, and created my "Vaseline Excluded Lip Scrub."
This lip scrub is made with ingredients you probably have around your house. You can make it a one-time use, or make a bigger "batch" and store it in a container.
The very first time you scrub your lips, you will probably have to use more to get off all that dead skin. Then twice a week, use the lip scrub again and your lips will be baby smooth.
This "recipe" includes:
  • sugar
  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • honey
The sugar actually exfoliates your lips, the olive oil helps to restore moisture, and the honey keeps it all together and helps it taste yummy.
Now, why create all this if you could just use a tooth brush? Using a toothbrush hurts. It actually, hurts. I was super surprised whenever I used this lip scrub the first time, because it didn't hurt at all. Also, with a toothbrush, you never know when to stop. With this, just scrub until the super has dissolved.

For the first time use I take about:
1 teaspoon of super
1 teaspoon of honey
and half a teaspoon of Extra Virgin Olive Oil. You can multiply that to create some for future uses, or you can cut it in half if you have exfoliated your lips in the recent week or so.
Then take about a dime sized amount and work it into your lips. Continue to scrub until the sugar has dissolved. Make sure you get the corners. If afterwards your lips feel super smooth, than you can save the rest, or if your lips aren't completely smooth yet go again with dime-sized amounts until you feel it's good.
Wash it off with some water and apply a generous amount of lip balm. You need to constantly reapply the lip balm for a few hours.

That's it!


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