Best Purse For Your Life Style

Friday, February 17, 2012

Are you a busy bee that shops a lot? Do you carry around a lot of stuff? What kind of purse matches your lifestyle best?
Well this post is here to talk about some of your personal best choices! I will be breaking it up into 4 main categories.:
Hands free: Are you always worring about losing your purse? Your bag needs to go across your body and be hands-free
Hoarder: Are you on of those people who carry around everything but the kitchen sink? Your bag needs a lot of space.
Organized: Are you always losing things? You need a bag with lots of pockets and storage areas.
Traditional: Do you just want a traditional purse, with average space and nothing special?

This category is great for students who are constantly going from class to class. You don't even have to take your purse off. This is also great for busy-bees who are constantly moving around. Another really great plus, is that for school, nobody will look at you wierd if you bring your purse with you to the bathroom. You know, on that special time of the month.
The first one is the Vera Bradley hipster. Many girls in my school have this purse. I don't, but it is very popular and comes in a variety of different colors. It even comes in a mini version. The big size is $59.
This color is Mocha Rouge.

If your looking for something with a little more room. this Faux Leather Metallic Messenger bag from Forever 21 is really great!

Another really cute cross body bag from Forever 21 is this neon one!

The last cross-body option is this beautiful bag from Kohls. it comes in 3 great colors, and is super cute.

Hoarder: Whether you are just a person who likes having a bunch of extra things or you HAVE to bring around a lot of things for whatever reason, you need a BIG bag.
This first one is from Kohls. It is a Rosetti Isabelle Sterling tote. This bag is extremely fashionable and comes with a lot of space.

This next purse is from Forever 21. It is a nautical themed puse, accordingly named Nautical Hobo Bag. This bag is super adorable. Whether you want to pack some basic for the beach, or just walk around shopping in the summer, it's super fashionable.

The next category is organized. If you are a super messy person. a bag with lots of packets may be your friend. Or if you just hate not being able to find what your looking for, this is your best bet.

Vera Bradley bags in general usually have a lot of pockets on the inside. In this post I will feature the Mandy. It's roomy but also has a bunch of pockets lining the inside and outside to keep you organized. This color is Rythym and Blues.

The next purse is from Kohls and it is a satchel style. It has 3 pockets and 2 pen holders on the interior.

The last category is just the Traditional bag. This is me. I just want a normal bag, with normal space, and cross body is not needed for me. Not much is to be said about this purses so I'll just post the pictures and links.

So I hope you guys enjoyed this post! I think I am going to do a simple nail tutorial sometime soon so keep watching for that!


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