Choosing the Best Dress for Your Body Type: Part 1

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Sometimes it can be really hard to dress for our body type. Especially whenever picking out formal dresses. Whether your going to prom, a dance, or even just a special dinner, I hope this guide helps you out. These dresses are all from actually has dresses seperated by body type, so I am actually going to use that. Also, just because I say this dress is best for this shape, doesn't mean you can't wear what you want to wear. These are just my tips.

Pear shaped: If you are pear shaped than your lower half of your body is generally bigger than your top. Specifically your hips are bigger than your bust, and you have a fairly defined waist. It is best to wear form-fitting dresses on top that go out at the waist to a more flowy design.

This first dress is a more casual dress that is knee-length and really adorable. It flows out at just the right point.

This next dress is a bit shorter, and looks perfect for a formal occasion. The neck line is really cool and unique.

This next dress is really great for a girl that wants a louder dress. This dress has a lot of drama and isn't quite ballgown, but getting there.

If you want bling, this next dress is for you. The entire top is encrusted in jewels.

Want to be a princess? Check out this ball gown. Super gorgeous and comes in 4 different colors. The top is more dramatic but balanced out with the larger skirt.

Slender: You don't have too many curves and your waist isn't very defined. Dresses that are form fitting or dresses that give you the illusion of a more defined waist are the best bet for you.

This first dress is for you totally-dramatic and over-the-top kind of girls. It has tons of beading, but the

This next dress is a bit more tame and old-fashioned. It's casual enough for a fancy dinner, but could be pulled off at prom or another big event if you're more laid back. I just love the lacy design and it's tight, without being too tight.

Because this next dress is made out of two different patterns it really help to give you the curves you want. Your waist is a lot more defined where the two patterns intersect; plus it's a fun dress!

This dress is really unique, but it gives you the illusion of curves. It's really adorable but not everybody could wear it.

This final dress has to be my favorite. The jewel-encrusted bust line is absolutely stunning and who doesn't love a ball gown?

The next body type is busty. Now whether you want to draw attention to your girls or draw attention away from them, you need a dress with a bit more support. Look for dresses with stylish straps or if you want that strapless dress, one that sits a bit higher.

This first dress is absolutely stunning. The halter neckline is stylish yet provides extra support. The dress is quite simple, with only a bit of beading on the hip and halter.

The next dress has a little bit more bling and is also a ball gown.

This next dress is a little bit more laid-back but it still has some drama.

This dress is my favorite. It has a lot of drama, and it isn't for someone who wants to draw the attention away from the bust. It's really unique and gorgeous.

This dress is a mix of both worlds. There is jewels along the top, but they aren't POW in your face. Plus it has a really flowly sleeve that adds a touch of glamour.

Keep a look out for part 2 of this fashion series, with the body shapes petite, hour-glass, and apple!


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